A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

-Oscar Wilde

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Bella:She's basically mean to me so I don't know how I've veen friends with her for 6 years. Oh and she's kinda Steve Rogers
Riley:She's Bucky Barnes in another universe and enjoys writing sad fanfics to torture her friends. I don't think she can carry a conversation not about Marvel anymore.
Brandon: He's been waiting to punch me for a while but it just means he loves me....maybe
Hope: She likes cool music not including MCR which I still believe are vampires
Emily:She likes pintrest more than tumblr. I cant even with her.
Keka:She's my favorite freshman and a nicer version of her sister bella.
Lydia :she killed off her main character. I will never forgive her for that.

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The Baby Groot School of Dance is open for business! I’ll have this print available at FanExpo

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The Mortal Instruments Timeline [x]

I always forget how short the time period is.

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Rapunzel Week ⇒ Day 1: Favorite Moment

↳ Kingdom Dance

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The Golden Trio

for the anon

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O where did you come from? 
Felt like I knew you for long
There are people that you have to meet
There are faces that you have to seek
And persons that want to hear your songs

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color meme - merlin + white

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Maybe I’ll be like that man in “The Hanging Tree’. Still waiting for an answer.

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She’s not possible!

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“If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.”

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I  ’  M    O  N    M  Y    O  W  N    N  O  W

"That’s  n o t  my name."
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Favourite OTPs/SHIPs: 4/10 You know nothing, Jon Snow. (Game of Thrones)

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Book covers remakes : Mara Dyer series [3/3]

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Y o u   a r e   r e a d y.  Y o u   c a n   d o   t h i s.
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